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Join a community of the most exceptional entrepreneurs, small business owners, and artists of the South Asian diaspora and beyond.

A1Bazaar curates vibrant and culturally rich bazaars inspired by the South Asian diaspora. We invite small business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs to sell at our bazaars and on our online marketplace.  Anyone who identifies with and/or is inspired by the South Asian diaspora is welcome to apply. 

Vendor Types: 

  • Online Vendors: You open your online shop in our marketplace, upload your images, determine your prices, and start selling to the world. Profits go directly to you after each sale is made. 
  • Pop-Up Vendors: You bring your items to our various pop-up bazaars in NYC. Sometimes we sell your items for you at a price you choose,  or you have your own vendor booth and are selling your items. Either way, your profits go directly to you after each sale is made. 
  • Both: You can sell both online and in our pop-ups. 

Perks of becoming an A1Bazaar vendor: 

  • Join a community of creative entrepreneurs 
  • Gain access to A1Bazaar cultural programming 
  • Receive support for your business from our staff 
  • Make a living doing what you love—and have fun doing it too


Submit the application below, and we'll get back to you soon! Questions? Email

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