DIASPHORIA: Vendors & Artists Open Call!

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open call!

A1Bazaar is excited to announce an open call for Diasphoria, a pop-up bazaar exploring the South Asian diaspora and gender dysphoria. Diasphoria arises at the intersections of displacement and dispersal as it occurs in place/culture, body/gender, reality/imagination, and so on. We ask creators to respond to one or more of the following themes: queerness, trans/gnc/nonbinary experience, and diasporic bodies. What does it mean to be diasporic and queer?

The Diasphoria Bazaar is curated by A1Bazaar (A1), whose mission is to create bazaar experiences that uplift artists and small business owners of the South Asian diaspora and beyond. A1 curates digital and physical bazaars that allow artists and small business owners to exhibit and sell their work. A1 was founded by queer/trans* artists, organizers, and curators of color. As a community-led project, A1 strives to promote inclusion, equity, cooperation, and creativity. 

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You do not need to be physically present at the Bazaar to participate. We cannot cover shipping at the moment. All work has the option of being exhibited and/or sold on a digital platform during the time of the pop-up bazaar. 

We accept any of the following submissions:
❥  All types of items to be sold (e.g., fashion, crafts, textiles, home decor, art objects, postcards, zines, trinkets, jewelry, etc)
❥  Physical and digital art objects (e.g., canvas, prints, textiles, installations, videos, songs, etc)
❥  Requests to perform live song, dance, theater, recitations
❥  Written material (e.g., essays, poetry, etc)
❥  Workshop and/or panel proposals 

Submissions should explore at least one of the following topics: 
❥  South Asian / diaspora
❥  Dysphoria
❥  Queerness --> QTBIPoC (Queer, Trans*, Black, and Indigenous People of Color)

☞ Deadline to apply: Rolling ☜  

Please be sure to save your responses elsewhere before submitting on this form. 

Name *
Write a short bio and statement about who you are, what your work is about, and anything else that is important to helping us learn more about you. If you are submitting on behalf of a team or collective, include the collective bio here. Note: We'll use this bio in our press materials to describe you!
If applicable (e.g. small business, production company, caterer, vendor, etc).
What type of work are you submitting? *
Check all that apply. You are allowed to submit more than one item.
Do you want to sell your work? *
We highly encourage participants to submit items to sell at the bazaar!
If you are a vendor, what are you selling?
We will follow up with you about specifics (sales, shipping, etc). Skip this question if you are not selling.
How does your submission address any of the following themes: South Asian diaspora, queerness, or dysphoria? In a paragraph or more, discuss how your work relates to one or more of these topics.
Business website, portfolio URLs, social media handles, Vimeo, etc.
Work Submissions: Email your artwork, bazaar items, proposals, etc to team@a1bazaar.co
If you are submitting your work via links, then you do not need to email us.
Are you interested in being featured in an exhibition catalogue? *
Can we feature your work on outreach/media materials for promotional purposes? *
All featured work will credit the artist. If you check “Yes,” we will contact you before publishing anything.
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