Bazaar Incantation



Bazaars are a city within a city.  When you walk into a bazaar, it is like stepping into a portal of familiarity. The sensations you experience in your home or amongst your friends now inundate a public space. Shops are stacked one upon another, each sign written in a different language. 

There is no physical perimeter that delineates where a bazaar begins or ends. It could be at the very center where shops and stalls are scattered next to each other, or on the sidewalk just outside where performers beckon you closer, or in the adjacent neighborhoods where the buyers and sellers continue to exchange things amongst one another.

Bazaars are a prevalent feature of daily life where culture is preserved and remixed. They are sites where there is not only an exchange of goods and services, but of experiences too. Sometimes, there are thousands of sellers in every block in your neighborhood selling you a thing or just telling you a story. In a bazaar there are vendors selling almost anything you can need, want, or imagine.

Join the bazaar today.

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