We curate bazaars that uplift creators of the South Asian diaspora and beyond.

WE curate bazaars that uplift CREATIVES of the South Asian diaspora and beyond. 

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Our mission is to showcase the arts of the world’s largest diaspora. We curate themed bazaars where South Asian diaspora creatives and people of color can sell, exhibit, and perform their work. 


We believe that the bazaar is a culturally appropriate space to showcase the arts and commerce of the diaspora. Bazaars create an ecosystem where vendors, artists, performers, and community members coexist and co-create. In a bazaar, there is not only an exchange of goods and services, but of experiences too. Bazaars are sites where culture is co-created, remixed, and dispersed.

We pay homage to the legacy of bazaars in the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean diaspora. Bazaars are historic to South Asia and continue to appear in South Asian diaspora communities across the globe, such as in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, East Africa, Europe, Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, Suriname, the United States, and beyond. A1Bazaar curates bazaars in an effort to holistically amplify the works and experiences of the largest diaspora in the world.

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We envision a future where the South Asian diaspora has a platform to co-create and reclaim our multisensory, multicultural histories and ways of being.




We are committed to the co-creation of meaningful public programming led for and by community.



We support creatives who make original work.



We believe in cultural and economic equity.



All people of color are welcome to sell, exhibit, and perform at our bazaars.

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Who we are

A1Bazaar was co-founded by Anuva Kalawar (right) and Jasmine Vasandani (left). This project is currently being incubated at the first museum-led incubator, NEW INC, at The New Museum.

Contact us! team@a1bazaar.co